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Carthaginian Officer

In this post, I’ve turned my hand to one of Rome’s greatest foes – the Carthaginians! The chap I’ve constructed here could in fact be the Arch Nemesis himself – Hannibal Barca! So much fear did the great General strike into the hearts of the Roman people, that for decades following his final defeat, Roman mothers would frighten their wayward children into behaving by saying that Hannibal was at the gates.


The conversion I’ve undertaken here isn’t quite that frightening, in fact it’s very straight forward. Taking one of our plastic Legionary bodies (I’ve used one of our mailed Princeps) I’ve added a bearded and bare head from our Cretan Archers set. We’ll be re-structuring some of our components such that you will be able to buy sets of heads on their own in the near future. Hannibal, according to Silius Italicus, carried a gilded, round shield, and so rather than a Scutum, I’ve provided our chap with a Celtic round shield or Clipeus (the shield I’ve used is a very nice Aventine piece). Silius Italicus in his epic poem ‘Punica’ also says that Hannibal wore a gilded cuirass ‘wrought with triple layers of golden rings, a defence no weapon could pierce, wrought from bronze and tough steel’. I decided not to paint his mail bronze or gold, as I think it would have been too overbearing, but I’ve decorated his belt and sword fittings in gold. He also wears purple robes – again something Silius tells us Hannibal wore to accentuate his prowess and stature as a great leader.

While simple, I hope you agree that this chap shows how flexible our plastic sets are, and how a few head and equipment swaps can create a really nice and unique figure. I’ll be working on some more Carthaginians in the near future, but next I’ll be sharing a few Legionary conversions based on our Triarii and Princeps characters.

Enjoy :-)


Article written by

Greg McBride

on August 28th, 2014

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