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Agema teams up with Scarab Miniatures

I am very pleased to announce that after some cracking games of War & Conquest, and many discussions regarding the similarities between our operations (plus more than a few cups of tea!), I and Rob Broom over at Scarab Miniatures have decided to collaborate.
Firstly on the operational front, Rob and Scarab are going to take over the order fulfilment for Agema. This means that, when you place an order for our products via the Agema webstore, it will in the very near future be completed on the Scarab website. Or you can order all of our products direct from Scarab. Due to the fact that Rob and I live very close to each other, and Rob has his own casting and packing facilities, this should mean that we have more stock, more readily available to dispatch to you, more quickly.
Secondly, Rob as you may know has an envious track record in the gaming industry – previously responsible for Warhammer Historic, and latterly publisher of the excellent War & Conquest game. Both he and I are aiming to pool our historic knowledge, games design expertise and general love of all things Ancient and wargaming to bring you what we hope you will agree are some exciting developments, both figure and game wise.
Rob already has our plastic sets up on his site, and the metal figures will be migrated over the coming weeks. Please bear with us during the transition – if you have any problems ordering anything at all, just drop me or Rob a line and we can sort it out for you personally. If something that you would like isn’t visible as yet, again drop us a line and we can get it to you.
I’m really looking forward to working with Rob and bringing you some exciting stuff in the coming months. Watch this space!

Article written by

Greg McBride

on September 27th, 2017

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