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One of the great things about our Roman Velites is the potential for conversions. Being made of hard plastic, conversions can be as easy as sticking alternative parts from other box sets onto your Velus torso, through to more complicated surgery and re-modelling. This particular conversion is of an Italian Hoplite, from the Pyrrhic Wars period or even the later Punic Wars.

Southern Italy was known as Magna Grecia – ‘Greater Greece’, as the whole area was colonised in earlier times by Hellenes. As a result, warriors from Cities such as Tarentium wore heavily Greek influenced clothing and armour, often with their own Italian twist, such as the very short tunic common in Italy or feathers adorning helmets. In order to make this unarmoured Tarentine Hoplite as might have fought with Pyrrhus against Rome, I’ve taken one of our Velites and added a left over Warlord Games Greek Hoplite head. I also cut off the Velus’ throwing arm at the junction of his sleeve, and stuck on another Warlord Greek Hoplite spare – a spear arm.

Next up is sticking on a spare Warlord Greek Hoplite sword, and the shield is actually a left over item from last year’s Salute give-away figure – Renedra’s excellent Jason of the Argonauts. As I was lucky enough to get two Jason figures, I made one with a shield and one holding the head of a monster. The spare shield arm went on here (although, it could just as easily be another spare Warlord part – the Warlord hoplite set is great for spare parts!)

Finally, to make our chap more Italian, I added green stuff feathers to the sides of his helmet, and sent him to Gary at March Attack! for a pukka paint job. And viola! An Italian hoplite

Enkel brudtärna klänning online. Färgen kan vara rosa silverbaserad, du kan också välja vitt eller svart kan vara. , Kan Brudgummens färg väljas godtyckligt Brudtärna klänningar.

Article written by

Greg McBride

on March 20th, 2014

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