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Veterans, Assemble!

I’ve now had the opportunity to put some of the test sprues of our upcoming African / Libyan veterans together, and wanted to share them so you can see how the contents of a box can be constructed.
I’ve created 3 ranks of 8 figures out of the poses available, to show how the box will make up a nice unit for your tabletop armies. I’ve used as many combinations as possible to show variety, but I wasn’t able to exhaust them all! I’ve also left the Scutums off, so you can see more of the figures rather than just a line of large body covering shields. You can see pictures of the second and third ranks on our Facebook page (space here doesn’t allow more than one pic I’m afraid).
These guys have now been sent off for painting, so I’ll shortly share how they look once they have colour on them. I’m also in the process of building some more figures using components from our Roman sets (Centurions, additional Triarii and Extraordinarii, as well as Thureophoroi) so watch out for those shortly.
There are a few items that need tidying up before the production mould for these guys is finished and ready to fire up in earnest, but that should all be sorted within a few weeks. I’ll post up here when the box will be ready for pre-order and then full release.
I hope you like them, and please do share and pass this post on; if these guys sell well, then there will be more in the pipeline soon!

Article written by

Greg McBride

on May 12th, 2018

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