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For this post, I thought I would preview what’s on the workbench – or I should say, what’s on Stavros’ workbench 🙂
I’ve teamed up with sculptor Stavros Zouliatis (some of you may know him from the work he’s done for Footsore Miniatures on their Warring Clans Samurai range) to initially produce some sets of character figures. The first set out of the blocks will be Hannibal and his brother, Mago, to complement our recent plastic African Veterans set. Here is the WIP of Mago, replete in lion skin and with his war dog, Baal. Hannibal will be mounted, with the pair making what I hope you will agree will be a cool command set, or a striking vignette in their own right.
Once Hannibal and Mago are complete, we should be moving on to a specific command set for the African Vets (Officer, Musician and Standard), before backfilling some sets for the Romans and expanding out into wider enemies and allies of both sides. Much to come!

Article written by

Greg McBride

on September 22nd, 2018

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