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Hannibal & ‘The Syrian’

Hi All,
As promised in an earlier post, here are the pics of our Hannibal figure riding an Elephant, beautifully painted up by the team at Artmaster Studios.
Hannibal was reckoned to have exited the swamps of north Italy riding the last of the elephants, following his victory at the River Trebia on his way to the second of his great victories, at Lake Trasimene. The elephant was said by Polybius to have been called ‘The Syrian’ – which could mean that it was an elephant sourced from Syria (at that point a Seleucid kingdom and no friend of Rome) and could possibly therefore have been an Indian elephant, or it’s mahout was a Syrian, or…something else! Sadly in any event, the Syrian died soon after the exit from the swamps, and Hannibal had no more elephants left for the remainder of his time in Italy. We’ve chosen to have Hannibal riding an African forest elephant, as it seems difficult, given Carthage’s situation at the time, to have sourced Indian elephants from Syria. Whatever the type of pachyderm involved, I just think Hannibal riding an elephant is just a cool alternative command model. What other general on the war-games table gets to ride his own version of an ancient tank! (and Polybius says he did, so it’s true!! :-))
The figure is a single piece resin casting, and is available now in our webstore.

Article written by

Greg McBride

on June 15th, 2019

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