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Master Casts – Haruspex

Following on from the master casts of the Libyans and Roman Stone Throwers I blogged about last week, here are a few shots of a recent set of masters received for the Roman Haruspex set.

Roman Haruspex

The Haruspices were Roman Priests trained in the art of telling the future from the entrails of sacrificed animals, normally the liver from sheep and poultry, but on special occasions a sacred bull would be sacrificed. This set is composed of an alter with sacrificial fire burning on top, with the priest in his toga symbolically covering his head, ready with his knife to remove the organs. His assistant stands by with a platter on which the liver will be disected and ‘read’, while the sacrificial animal (in this set, a garlanded sacred bull) is led forward ready to be dispatched. An expectant Roman Senior Officer stands by ready to see what the Gods have in store!

The Gods Await!

This set is currently being production moulded and I hope to have them ready to go up in the webstore in the next few weeks. I’ll also have a full set painted up soon. Also, the Roman Stone Throwers previewed last week are now available in the webstore.

Roman Stone Throwers

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Article written by

Greg McBride

on November 16th, 2019

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