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Agema Miniatures is a small firm of avid amateur historians and passionate wargamers. Comprised of Greg and Rita, Agema aims to bring you some of the best and most comprehensive wargaming figures in 28mm hard plastic and metal available.

As a fan of ancient history, Greg has always been wowed by large tables full of fantastic miniatures that really capture a sense of the drama of ancient conflicts. Having cut his teeth on Tony Bathʼs Ancient Wargaming, he progressed to WAB and recently to Hail Caesar!, at each iteration of rules wishing for a range of figures that fully gave justice to the great games being played and the epic conflicts they represent. As for Rita, she also loves history, but is still a novice to wargaming. Instead of playing out the battles on the table, she prefers to paint them. Rita is behind the graphics on this website.

With the advent of high quality plastic figure production, Greg decided that if you want something doing, you have to do it yourself! Plastic gives the gamer the opportunity to build large scale armies relatively inexpensively, and with advances in production techniques, at a quality to rival many metal ranges. Thus the idea behind Agema Miniatures was born.

We have always loved the Hellenistic and Punic Wars – who could not be enthralled by the Herculean conflict between Carthage and Rome, Hannibal and Scipio! And weʼve always thought that the available figures for the period havenʼt really done it justice – certainly not in the field of plastics. So, we hope to redress that balance.

Starting with a small sprue of Roman Velites to establish our name and intent, we hope to progress through Legionnaires, to Carthaginian and Libyan troops, to Spaniards and Celts.

Weʼd love to hear your thoughts, recommendations, questions and advice, so feel free to drop us a line, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We hope youʼll join us for the journey!


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