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6 X 28mm metal figures (2 each of 3 poses). Supplied unassembled and unpainted. You will need to supply your own wire spears

Numidian Cavalry


3 x 28mm metal Numidian Cavalry, including shields and javelin cases.


Plastic Aspis / Hoplon Shields


3 x Plastic Aspis / Hoplon shields, with integrated left arm

Plastic Carthaginian Vets sprue


A single sprue of our 28mm plastic Carthaginian Veterans

Plastic Thureos Shields


3 x Plastic Thureos shields for use with other plastic figures

Sacred Band Command


3 x 28mm multi-part metal figures. Supplied un-assembled, un-painted and un-based

War Elephant with Riders


1 x Resin War Elephant and mahout, plus 2 metal riders and hoplon shields

You will need to provide your own wire or similar spears for the mahout and metal riders

War Elephant with Tower


1 x 28mm Resin elephant model, 1 x metal mahout, 2 x metal Carthaginian Crew and 1 x metal multi-part metal tower


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