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Lembos Galley


Lembos Galley


28mm resin and mdf Lembos, the quintessential transport ship of the ancient world, most famously used by the Illyrian and Cilician pirates, and of course the Romans and Hellenistic Kingdoms

Model is cast and cut to order. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Mortal Gods Etruscan Card Deck


A deck of 50 Roster and Gift cards for use with Mortal Gods

Plastic Aspis / Hoplon Shields


3 x Plastic Aspis / Hoplon shields, with integrated left arm

Plastic Thureos Shields


3 x Plastic Thureos shields for use with other plastic figures

Round Plastic Bases


20 x 25mm diameter round plastic bases

War and Conquest Rulebook


War and Conquest full colour rulebook


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