Etruscan Slingers


6 x 28mm metal Etruscan / Italian slingers

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The Etruscans occupied the Northern marches of Italy, covering Etruria (which takes its name from them), the Po Valley and surroundings up to the Alps, and across to the Adriatic. At one point, their power and influence stretched as far South as Campania. They were the dominant culture in this area from the 7th C BC to approximately the 4th Century BC, with Etruscan Kings at one point ruling in Rome. However, the Romans expelled the Etruscan Kings, becoming a Republic. Incursions of Gauls crossing the Alps into the Po Valley, northward expansion from the newly liberated Rome and western expansion of the southern Greek cities of Magna Grecia continually eroded their power, eventually leading to them being absorbed politically and culturally by Rome around the late 2nd- early 1st Century BC.

The Etruscan military was based broadly around 5 classes of warriors – the heavily armoured 1st Class or noble who fought as a Hellenic Hoplite, his more lightly armed retainers (classes 2 and 3) who fought in the more traditional Italic fashion, the javelin skirmishers (class 4) and then what the Greeks would have referred to as Psiloi, the poorest and lowest class of peasant or shepherd pressed into service to provide as slingers and stone throwers (class 5)

These figures represent peasants pressed into service in the 5th class, slingers dressed in tunics, carrying their sling stones in their cloaks and wearing the typical Hellenic style sun hat. They can equally represent any of the Italic peasantry who would have performed the same task for the early Roman Republic, Samnites, Apulians, Lucanians etc.


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