Numidian Cavalry


3 x 28mm metal Numidian Cavalry, including shields and javelin cases.


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The Numidian Cavalry of North Africa were an essential component of Carthaginian, and particularly Hannibal’s, armies. Their ability to scout, skirmish and pursue an enemy so effectively allowed the Carthaginians to regularly out manoeuvre and outfight the Romans. At the battle of The Trebia, it was the Numidian Cavalry that drew out the Romans to fight in bad weather without food; the result was a heavy roman defeat. At Cannae, they occupied the Roman allied cavalry sufficiently to allow Hannibal’s heavy cavalry to defeat their Roman counterparts and complete one of the most extraordinary encirclements in the history of warfare, falling on the rear of the hemmed in Legions. When the Numidians switched sides to the Romans, it ultimately led to Hannibal’s defeat at the battle of Zama.

This set of figures includes 3 riders, 3 North African ponies, shields and javelin cases (to mount either on the rider’s backs, or hanging from the pony’s neck halter). You will need to supply your own wire javelins.

Figures supplied unpainted, and unbased. Some assembly required.


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