Sacred Band Command


3 x 28mm multi-part metal figures. Supplied un-assembled, un-painted and un-based

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The Sacred Band are said to have been an Elite forced raised by the Carthaginians from their own Citizens, those distinguished by their ‘birth, wealth or reputation’. They appear in battles against the Greeks & Syracuse in Sicily, and may also have fought in the first Punic War, but direct references are few. Those that exist refer to the Sacred Band as wearing splendid armour and being well drilled, which may be a reference to plate or Lamellar metal equipment, or metal inlaid Linothorax and fighting in Phalanx.

While the Sacred Band may well have looked impressive, their record in war is not great. They were ambushed and wiped out at the battle of the Krymisos in Sicily in 341BC, and although fighting valiantly under their Commander Hanno, they were beaten at the Battle of White Sands in North Africa against Agathocles of Syracuse in 310BC. If they fought in the first Punic War, it was not sufficiently impressive for them to be directly referred to. By the time of the 2nd Punic (Hannibalic) War, Carthage may well have decided that ‘Elite’ Citizen troops were too expensive to raise and maintain for negligible results. Citizen levies do appear again at the Battle of Zama in 202BC, and again during the 3rd Punic War, but these are much more likely to have been emergency levies rather than a picked force, although wealthy levied Citizens may still have dressed impressively.

This set allows you to field a Command Stand for the Sacred Band, comprising a Noble Officer in Lamellar Armour, wielding a bow as seems to have been relatively common amongst Eastern elites (the bow being a symbol of Nobility in Persia and Tyre, from whence the Carthaginians migrated). The second figure is a Standard Bearer in more Hellenic garb, but wearing a bronze studded Linothorax as seen on Carthaginian statuary of this time. The last figure is a musician, blaring his horn to command his troopers forward to the charge! Figures sculped by Stavros Zouliatis – painted by Artmaster Studios

This set comprises 3 x 28mm multi-part metal figures. Supplied un-assembled, un-painted and un-based. A reasonable level of modelling skill is required to affix bow, standard, sword arm and trumpet.


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