Sacred Bull


1 x 28mm metal Sacred Bull and Priest

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The Ancient Romans were highly religious, setting great faith in omens and signs. In order to read the future, the Romans (and Etruscans before them) practised animal sacrifice, with a ‘Haruspex’ or specially trained priest removing the organs of a ritually purified and sacred animal to read the portents. The sacrificial animal could be anything readily to hand, such as a pig or typically a sheep – however, to discern the outcome of a major expedition, undertaking or event, a bull would have been used (or a combination of pig, sheep and bull). Some sacred events resulted in hundreds of animals being sacrificed.

This set is comprised of a sacred bull and priestly attendant, the bull having been adorned and sanctified ahead of being ritually killed and its organs removed to be read by the Haruspex. This set can be combined with our Haruspex set to make a complete sacrificial vignette, or multiple bulls can be combined to form a Hecatomb (100 beast sacrifice!)

Figures are supplied unpainted and unbased. Some assembly required.


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