Ship’s Crew


4 x 28mm metal Ship’s crew

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While the Romans were never natural sailors, many of their allies had a long history of seafaring. The Etruscans were a major contributor of skilled sailors and crew for the extensive fleets constructed by the Romans, as were the peoples of Campania and Magna Grecia. Although the naval power of the Etruscans had been broken some years previously by a combined fleet of Italiote Greeks and Syracusans, the Etruscan League provided many men for the massive fleets that Rome constructed to fight the maritime supremacy of Carthage during the Punic Wars.

These figures have been based on numerous Roman and Etruscan sculpture of the period, wearing the strange ‘padded’ garment depicted that could be a subermalis or similar.

This set is comprised of 4 crew that can be used to man our Lembos (2 helmsmen – 1 left and 1 right side; a lookout, and a Bo’sun). They can also be used to man multiple laser cut MDF ships available, such as Sarissa Precision’s Trireme or Roman Cargo Ship.

Figures supplied unpainted and unbased.


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