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Principes Characters


4 x 28mm highly detailed metal Principes – perfect for mixing in with our plastic Legionaries for added variety @ £6

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The Principes of the Legion were the ‘principle men’ – that is, the best of the Legion. They are described as men ‘in the prime of their life’. They would have been wealthier than the typical Hastatus, and therefore able to afford more armour. The armour they wore would also have been more elaborate. The Greeks were still a major influence on the Romans at this time, and our character figure pack includes a Centurion sporting a Greek style Boeotian helmet, feathered in Italian style, wielding a Kopis or Falcata. The Kopis was typically Greek. The very similar Falcata was a Spanish weapon, and our chap may well have picked up his side arm in Iberia (maybe from a local chieftain having slain him in single combat – a very Roman habit designed to display ‘Virtus’!!). The rest of the pack sport mail coats, and elaborately adorned helmets, either getting ready to hurl their pilum or drawing their sword ready to go hand to hand. These superbly detailed and animated figures will allow you to add extra dynamism and animation to your ranks of plastic Roman warriors, or build maniples of all metal figures to fill your Triplex Acies!!

This set comprises of 4 highly detailed 28mm metal figures, representing Principes in the act of engaging with the enemy – hurling pilum and closing in with the sword. Enough to put the fear of the Gods in to any enemy of Rome! Set comes complete with metal ‘Scutum’ shields.